Do you want a one of a kind birthday party for kids aged 10 to 99?

Staff Christmas Party?

Scouts looking to earn their lightsaber combat patch?

Weddings, Bah Mitzvahs, bucks and hens nights!

Why not let the Sons host your party?


- Hosted in our one of a kind dedicated space full of Star Wars life sized figures, helmets, art works and of course, lightsabers!

- Lightsaber lessons for up to 12 kids and 5 adults (party) or 12 adults.

- Demonstration including a Choreographed fight as well as lightsaber tricking (Spinning, tossing etc)

Host must supply food as we don't have a food service certificate.

If you are interested, email us through the "Contact Us" tab to check availability and book.

May The Force Be With You and Party On Dude!