How did this all start?

We are big fans of Greg Grunberg here at the Sons (I have a Heroes tattoo on my arm). Thanks to the amazing people at Supanova Australia, we were presented with an opportunity.  The chance to meet an actor we respect and give him one of our sabers to say thanks for some awesome characters!

Whilst discussing the charity work we do with Greg, he mentioned his own charity,, which aims to raise awareness of epilepsy and finding a cure. This charity is one close to his heart as it is directly related to his son Jake, who suffers from epilepsy.

After our discussion, Greg asked the Sons to do a ten minute video, "with a little demonstration and a discussion of what the Sons do, all with a focus towards promoting" This video will be played on the Epilepsy Netathon on May 6th on, 10am -6pm PST.

Greg Grunberg, Jason Mewes and The Sons, Brisbane 2016

Greg Grunberg, Jason Mewes and The Sons, Brisbane 2016

The Project

We at the Sons are gluttons for punishment, so instead of filming something in the Temple and knocking it out, we wanted to do the best possible film to raise awareness for Greg's charity.

The Sons have been blessed by the number of talented people that come through our doors so we put the call out for help. And it came in spades. People came from far and wide to donate their skills and time to create something that is truly amazing. Something that showcases the passion, talent, creativity and sense of community we as  Australians possess.

We went from an idea to the completion of primary photography in 5 short weeks. All around our day jobs and families.

This was funded by the amazing people who donated money through our GoFundMe campaign, with shortfall coming from our own pockets. We still need to do a heap of work, so if you would like to donate a little something to help us make the best film we can, please click on the GoFundMe link below.

Every donation of $50 gets you one entry into the draw for a Saberdyne Saber to be drawn the week of the premiere (if you donate $150 that gets you 3 entries!)

The Team

GoFundMe Contibutors

Barry Madley, Peter Kramel, Chis Huxley-Briand, Timothy Morris, Brooke Dell-Sewell, Kerryn Williams, Ryan Button, Kiara Featherstone, Rebecca Corless, Amy Stewart, Brian Pettit, James Beggs, Chris Nehme, Tahlia Mulder, Mei Gu, Rob Logan, Josiah Broome, Daniel Gosby, Shaun Butler, F. Bate, Katrina Ramsden, Richard Docksey, Paul Morgan, Janice O'Neill, Julie Smith, Chris Revell, Mark Giese Richard Luu, Sarah Lufe, Jess Miller, Luke Griffin, Chris Huxley-Briand, Daniel Gosby, Holly Williams, Bernadette Janson, Howard Williams, David Rutherford.


John Jarrat, Charlie Jarratt, Sheridyn Fisher, Chad Bennett, Justin Banks


Mykl Brady, Kerryn Williams, Susan Wightwick, Amanda Herring, Haleia Boyton, Gil Ben-Mosche, Danny De Moreta, Ciaran Jordan, Simon Carter, Chris Osborne, Jaiden Huang, Gary Brown, Harry Van Vilet, Holly Williams, Jess Miller, Beau Baker, Bob Nositer, Kieran O'Neil, Christopher Nehme, Ryan Crain, Amber Christie, Xinhai Ma, Samantha Mcdonald, Shannon Griesberg, Vitaly Zolotrev, Nathan Bender, Catherine Middleton, Shaun Butler, Roy Sherfan, Richard Luu, Kyle Brennan, Jac Cabrita, TJ French, Kim Johnson.




Luke, The Sons and The Hero Crew!

The Hero crew at the end of shooting

The Hero crew at the end of shooting