A selection of over 50 finishes available through Saberdyne Industries

A selection of over 50 finishes available through Saberdyne Industries

Welcome to the Saberdyne Shop! Like the rest of the business, we don't do what everyone else does!

The way ordering works is this;

- We are constantly creating new sabers. As a company, we strive to make sure that each saber is unique in some way. To ensure this, we put together individual combinations of  leather colour and saber finish to create YOUR saber. We are endeavouring to move away from the concept of "this is my saber, there are many like it and this one is mine!"

- Check out the photos below and determine which hilt you want of the 4 types available (there will be an occassional full custom hilt in the cabinet too!)

- Contact us by filling out the form at the bottom of the page to request a photo of our current sabers in stock.

- Our primary LED colours in order from left to right:

Red, Blue, Green, Amber, Cyan, Ice Green, Mint Green. We are constantly coming up with new colours (lilac and ice blue are on the way) so be sure to inquire about new colours!


Saberdyne Industries Spitfire (Gunmetal finish, Two-Tone Leather Wrap)

Named for the plane that saved Britain in WWII, the Spitfire is a thing of beauty. A good all round saber, use it knowing that it is a saber that lives up to it's namesake! 


Saberdyne Industries Mustang (Chrome Finish, Custom Wrap, presented to Chris Hemmsworth at Supanova 2017) 

Like it's namesake, the Mustang is light, maneuverable and a dream to use! For those who like a lighter saber.


Saberdyne Industries Warthog (Gunmetal Finish)

For those that know aircraft, the Warthog is a beast that is beautifully balanced to fly low and slow and it packs a punch! The emitter is based on the M-16 flash emitter, giving it a mean and nasty look. This saber is the ultimate tricking saber. It is balanced slightly nose heavy to make spinning and tossing a breeze!

Saberdyne Industries Hurricane (Antique Copper Finish, Custom Carved Leather)

This saber is a beast! For those who prefer a bit more weight in the hilt, the hurricane is the saber for you! It Takes a licking and keeps on ticking!


Battle Finish (Raw Aluminium) - For high use sabers - $499 plus $30 Postage

Premium Finish - Plated and Anodised - For those who want to rock a saber with style - $550 plus $30 Postage


Each saber comes with a sled in your choice of LED colour, a charger, a blade and a blade key.


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