Greg Grunberg, Brisbane Supanova 2016

Greg Grunberg, Brisbane Supanova 2016

The Saberdyne FAQ:

What is the wait time?

This is the most asked question in the saber community. Having been a part of the scene for a while, Saberdyne Industries have decided to do runs of our sabers. We feel that it is unfair for the consumer to wait months for a product they have paid for. We will do these runs on a by demand basis. By not taking orders, we can ensure a quality product unaffected by the pressure of order back logs. Head over to the Saberdyne Saber Shop to find out how to order, or come to one of the cons to 


What makes your sabers so good?

The development of these sabers came out of the need for a reliable saber in a commercial environment. The Sons of Obiwan Saber Academy is Australia's first lightsaber Theatre Combat Academy and performance group and we travel Australia teaching and performing. We use sabers for up to 12 hours in a day and they are thrown around, dropped and horrendously mistreated.  We found problems with durability, heat retained in the hilt from the LED and battery time.

As an answer to these problems, Saberdyne created a world first air-cooled internal system that is encased in a durable 3-D printed chassis. All Current saber technology uses the hilt to draw heat away from the LED, meaning that hilts quickly heat up and retain their heat. 

Our designer, Dave, used his years as an Australian Army Armorer to solve this problem using air cooling, as used on assault rifles.  A beneficial side effect of this air cooling is that the LED chamber runs significantly cooler, leading to longer battery life (6 hours plus) and a cooler running circuit. 

Our patented Voodoo sled system not only keeps the saber running cool, it also makes charging and colour change infinitely easier. By having all wiring, switches and recharge ports encased in the sled, it easy to change the colour of the saber by sliding out one sled and inserting another sled with a different LED. This is also great for long days , as ownership of two sleds means that when one dies, you can put it on charge and insert another sled with a 1 minute change over. The show must go on!


How is a saber made?

- The prototype is hand machined in Wyong NSW by Dave and is used at the Academy to determine the refinements needed to make the sabers balanced and light in the hand.

- Once we are happy with the prototype, it is sent to Cooranbong, NSW for CNC machining of the perfected hilts.

- The hilts are hand polished at our Tuggerah Facility.

- Each saber is hand wrapped and stitched in genuine Australian Leather by our blacksmith, Macleod Designs, in a variety of colours and leathers. Each run will have a variety of leather wraps.

Custom Leather wrap presented to Travis Fimmel, Ragnar Lothbrok on Vikings.

Custom Leather wrap presented to Travis Fimmel, Ragnar Lothbrok on Vikings.

- The sleds are 3-D printed at St Ives NSW by MS Soft and wired by us at our Tuggerah Centre.