"The Forge: Actors, Film Makers, Stuntmen" is holding an acting workshop and we are striving to give you the best competitive edge when auditioning for acting roles! Broaden your horizon with our state of the art training by choosing one or all three of the following courses!


Course 1 - Choreography: $500  

Min. 8 people - Max. 15 people

In this course you will learn the basics of choreography on screen and stage using a state of the art system created by the founder of The Forge, Chad Bennett. Choreography without character is just movement! Build your skills and learn how to effectively bring character into fight choreography. You will be learning to use swords, sabers, and staffs. This course has one 2-hour class per week for 10 weeks


Course 2 - Movement: $500

Min. 8 people - Max. 15 people

In this course we will tend to agility and self-confidence! Learn to use your body more effectively and perform minor stunts, rolls, 1 & 2 handed cartwheels, flips, and tumbles in a fun and safe environment! We will also touch base on hand-to-hand choreography using the skills you learnt in this course! This course has one 2-hour class per week for 10 weeks

Course 3 - Tactical: $500

Min. 8 people - Max. 15 people

Now, we've all seen the movie where not one person runs out ammo or reloads a weapon. Cops who don't know how to hold weapons properly, or actors misusing them. Never again! Our founder and head instructor was a United States Army Cavalry Scout and knows his way around pistols, rifles, and knives effectively! In this course we will cover how to hold weapons, reload, clear rooms, move within a unit, and properly use knives on screen! Not only that, but we will cover disarms, counters, and choreography as well! This course has one 2-hour class per week for 10 weeks

About the Founder:

Chad started out as a Calvary Scout in the United States Army, where he trained in standard military skills as well as the skills needed to operate behind enemy lines within a small team. Chad is also qualified as an expert rifleman at 300 meters as well as an expert grenadier. Being a scout he was trained in tactical squad movements and functioning where he learned leadership and team building skills

After leaving the military Chad became a professional knight, where he toured the United States with The Imperial Knights Production Co. During this time he performed for large crowds doing Jousting, Knightly Games and choreographed steel weapon combat. These battles included the use of long swords, short swords, hand axes, pole arms, and shields.

Over the years Chad has also been an actor where he has performed on stage in productions such as; The Wizard of Oz (The Cowardly Lion), The Breakfast Club (Jock), Cinderella (Delivery Man), and Don't Drink and Drive (Student). Chad has also been a screen actor and fight choreographer, having lead and minor roles in; Lancelot Rises (Lancelot/Fight Choreographer), Deleting Delta 7 (Merc/Fight Choreographer/Weapons Specialist), and Lightenment (Doctor). Chad is currently head of Fight Choreography and Training the performance team at the Sons of Obiwan Saber Academy.

Contact: theforgecc@gmail.com for more information and book your spot today!!!