Class schedule

TIME Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
4PM Kids Beginners Kids Beginners Kids Beginners    
5PM Kids Beginners Kids Beginners Kids Beginners    
6PM Adult Beginners Spectrum Adult Spectrum    
7PM Adult Advanced Adult Beginners Adult Beginners    

We accept private class and function bookings by appointment where there are greyed out times, as well as on Saturdays and Sundays.

The most fun I’ve had with clothes on in ages. 5/5
Malcolm Anable
These guys gave their all, for a great battle on our wedding day and the great laughs the days prior. Even my son Liam enjoyed it. Brian can’t wait to catch up in the future to have more training and laughs.
Rachel Pettit


  • Comfortable workout clothes (that means not jeans!). Movement is core to most of our classes, so make sure you wear something breathable that you can run, jump, squat, and roll on the floor in - and sweat in, because you're going to be doing a lot of that.

  • Firm sneakers.

  • Water. Hydration is key, and you're going to need it! Cold 600ml bottles of water are also available from reception for $1.



We teach classes for three main focus groups: kids, adults, and our Spectrum classes that are tailored to meet the skill and fitness levels of any students with special needs. We encourage participation of all ages above ten, and hold special fitness classes on Thursdays for anyone with a more intense fitness goal. 

General classes run for 50 minutes with a group of up to 15 students and are split into three levels based on the skills and content of the course: beginners, intermediate and advanced. We recommend newcomers begin with our beginners course to get a handle on all the basic skills that apply to later weapon and training sets. 

Beginners - Single saber, basic strikes and blocks, basic spins and flow, light fitness and footwork, stunt falls and a light focus on increasing flexibility. Beginners will learn our first two single saber choreographies.

Intermediate - Staff (double-ended saber) and pike training, applying basic strikes and blocks to two-handed weapons, staff spins and throws, moderate fitness and flexibility and movement within a whole space, intro to acrobatics: stunt rolls, cartwheels, handstands and so on. Intermediate classes will cover our staff and pike fight choreographies.

Advanced - Dual wielding sabers, applying strikes and blocks to dual wielding sabers in a visually and technically appropriate way, basic flow and spins with two sabers, movement on multiple planes, advanced fitness, flexibility and acrobatics: butterfly kicks, wall runs, vaults, kip ups and more. Advanced classes will introduce new choreographies and apply dual-wielding styles to previous ones.



Aged 10-15 years.

Excited and high-energy kids need exciting and high-energy activities, and these classes fit the bill. Our content is designed to keep kids engaged, with classes aimed to develop fitness, social and theatrical skills, and instil the solid values that will serve them as they move into adulthood.


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Aged 15+

Make no mistake, Saber classes aren't just for kids. Everyone and anyone is welcome to get fit, have fun and make friends whether you're 16 or 60 years old. Our team will help you to learn new skills and reach your own fitness goals in a non-judgemental environment. We're all nerds here!




Tuesdays 5pm | Special Needs

The academy was built from a desire to teach special needs kids in a more effect and rewarding way, and our Spectrum classes highlight that.  Students participate in activities that can include general fitness, flexibility, physiotherapy, life skills and personal enrichment to increase self-esteem.



Private Lessons

Book your preferred time | all ages

A more intensive one-on-one or small group session. If you're looking to learn specific skills or choreography, or perhaps you require a class tailored to your own abilities this is for you. For this service contact us or visit our bookings page to reserve a time that suits you.





Looking for a more memorable way to celebrate a birthday, bucks or hens night? Have a Scout Group or Corporate Bonding event that you want to have truly stand out? We have the answer!   

Sons of Obiwan Saber Academy is available for private functions! Our standard function package includes an hour lesson and a half hour for food/drinks (provided by you) for up to 15 people, and costs $350.

Functions away from the Temple will incur higher rates. Contact us to discuss availabilities and book your session.