New Term, New Classes!



The second half of 2018 is now underway, and we have a mass of events and new classes on the way to carry us through to Christmas!

We'll be down at Gamma.Con in Canberra on the 4th and 5th of August, and up in Newcastle for The Sons #SaveTheEmpire on August 11th - but keep an eye on our events page to stay up to date with all of our upcoming appearances as they're announced.

More exciting, still - we're now offering a new class for students who want a more specialised look at the skills we utilise in our combat choreography.

Spin and Flow

These classes will run from 6PM-7PM on Mondays, with a focus on learning individual spins with sabers and staffs and how to tie them together fluidly into combinations and routines (flow). These classes will have a focus on the technique and execution of each spin - from your basic moulinet to your more complex reverse and inverse spins - and the whole range of throws. If you've ever wanted to learn spin and throw routines - and create them - this class is for you!