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When the Sons hit the big time!

When the Sons hit the big time!

The lovely Chris Bath finds out a little about the Sons after a chance encounter on the way to the football........

A touching personal account on the impact of the Sons fundraising efforts for Breast Cancer Research written by Brittany from the Pop Culturalists.


A powerful video that relates the positive effects  people can have when they come from a place of compassion, with thanks to the Al Jazeera Plus Network.


The story that brought The Sons to the larger world! Video and text story. Thank you so much Eoin Blackwell and Tom Campagnoni for the story!


An interview at Oz Comicon by Indy and the lovely guys from Mind of Klink!



Documenting one of our special needs groups, Life Without Barriers. Thanks to Mike Lorigan!


Studio 10 interview from the EB Games Expo. Forward to 3:25


This video looks at our special needs program, with thanks to Peggy Giakoumelos!


Our first TV appearance - and the infamous appearance of Luke Boycott!




A drive time talkback interview with Peter Bell of 6PR Perth.


An in-depth interview with George Siosi Samuels of the "It Will Come"  podcast. A wide ranging discussion of the events in Luke Boyton's life that lead to the creation of the Sons.


An interview with Kate and Kaylee from the "Weddings, Parties, Occasions" show on Sunday nights 8-9pm


An in-depth and wide-ranging interview with this Kentucky based internet show. We discuss the Sons, Sons Sabers and the ways in which Star Wars makes a positive impact upon the world. We also discuss politics, education, history and life in the modern world. 

A story about who we are. Thanks Corey Hague!



A beautifully written story that looks at the philosophy behind The Sons with photos from our Martin Place gig for The Big Issue paper, helping those down on their luck! Thanks to Richard Noone for writing the story!


A wide ranging story looking at Star Wars Sydney fandom in all aspects. Story includes Sarah Hillier, one of our friends in the 501st, and our main man Kyle Rowling! Thanks to Nicole Elphick.


The follow up story done during Hell Week, where we participated in 3 conventions in one week.


Our first story in print thanks to Geraldine Cardozo



Britt and Jackie fly down from Brisbane for a lesson with the Sons. Video story


A nice little video piece of one of our demonstrations at EB Games Expo!