ABOUT the academy

Australia's First and only lightsaber theatre combat facility.

Theatre combat is a safe, non-contact activity that is suitable for all fitness levels and abilities for those aged ten years and above. Our staff provide training in single and dual wielding sabers, double-ended sabers/staffs and pikes, as well as movement and athletic skills and minor stunts.

We offer personalised classes for kids, adults, and special needs students, as well as private classes and function packages for birthdays, hens and stags nights, and corporate bonding events.

Come to our state of the art facility at Tuggerah and immerse yourself in the ultimate Star Wars fan experience! We have a cabinet full of sabers for you to use during lessons as you learn skills you never thought you could!



Our training facility (aptly named "The Temple" by our staff and student community) is located in Tuggerah on the Central Coast, NSW. 

  • 100m2 training space

  • Seating and entertainment area for family members and friends to wait for the duration of the lesson.

  • Bathroom on site.

  • Wheelchair accessible.

We also have a small range of refreshments available from our reception desk.

600ml Water $1
375ml Coke $2
8oz Coffee $4
8oz Hot Chocolate $4
8oz Chai Latte $4





After two years of training with the Sons and accompanying the demo team to conventions and events around Australia, Jesse was offered a position as an assistant instructor - and the rest is history. 

With a background in drama and comedy, Jesse's main focus is performance - creating unique characters and comedic experiences for every audience as well as for our students.



Before starting up the Sons of Obiwan Luke worked for almost seven years as a high school teacher, specialising in behavioural, learning support and welfare. 

Luke splits his time between running the business, organising shows and events, and wiring sleds for Saberdyne Industries orders - and somehow still manages to teach classes on the side.




One of our original 2015 students, Nick came on as an instructor in early 2017. Nick confidently displays his two years of experience in Sons' performances and choreography in his teaching methods.

His personal style is geared towards accuracy and creating a sense of intensity, and he treats demonstrations as being as much about physical ability as they are about creating a personal character and style.




If you're looking for descriptors for this guy "busy" barely makes the cut. Justin is a key part of our demo team, an occasional instructor, a working actor - all while he handles the majority of our video content and runs two businesses of his own on the side. 

For more information about Justin or his work in acting, film production and media production check out the links below:



photographer/Social Media Manager

Nic's been with us as a student since mid-2017 and was responsible for our website redesign in June 2018. If she's in at the Temple she's probably got a laptop or a camera in her hands, but if you're quick you might catch her practicing spin and flow routines.

As well as working on padding out the Sons' photo gallery Nic freelances in web and digital design. Find more about her work below.