Why build models?


Building scale model aircraft was my Zen activity for many years, teaching me to slow down, focus and let my creative juices flow. Family and work got in the way for nearly 10 years, and I realised I needed to do a little something for myself.

As a full time saber instructor, I realised that I was forever telling my students that they sucked as they learn new skills and I realised that I needed to suck at something as well; the best way to be a good teacher is to be an eternal student.

All of our sabers are named after aircraft, primarily from WWII and I wanted a display in the temple that would show our students the namesakes for their sabers. I have set myself a challenge to build one of each of the aircraft the sabers were named for and that I would use at least 3 new techniques for each build. Here are the build logs of my sucking journey.

The Hawker Typhoon

My first build in 10 years. I just wanted to get one build under my belt to knock out the cobwebs! Quite a few new techniques tried for first time including using an airbrush to lay down free-hand camouflage and my first oil wash! Diorama build log to come!

De Havilland Mosquito - Build Ongoing.

The Mosquito is the blanket term for all of our wood hilts as it was one of the only all wood constructed aircraft of World War II. We have currently produced wooden Hurricanes and some custom designed hilts. This will be a PRU Blue Mk IV reconnaissance model from 540 Squadron, No 1 Photo Reconnaissance Unit based at RAF Luchars in Scotland.